Who would not love to have an original watercolor painting to capture those special memories or bring color to one’s home?

Patty would love to work with you on a commissioned artwork!


  • Each watercolor is hand-painted on 140lb Fabriano Cold Press Watercolor Paper. Signed and dated by the artist. The turnaround time for custom artwork ranges from 4-6 weeks, depending how large the artwork the client is interested in for a painting. Sizes may range from 4”x6” to 30”x40.” Pricing begins at $300 for an 8”x10” but actual pricing will be dependent on the intricate details of the subject chosen for the artwork. Each painting is signed by Patty and is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity document. Contact for a specific quote of what you are envisaging.


  • inquiry and quote

I am honored that you would consider me for your project! Let's talk about all the wonderful details and after we talk about your ideas, I will send you a quote targeted for your project.

  • With each commission project, the process begins by working with clients to visualize what it is they are thinking (this step may include reference photos, Pinterest boards and/or color theme.) Once decided, the process is followed by a drawing and sent to the client for approval, where the client can note adjustments and changes,as they feel is important. Once the drawing is approved, Patty will begin the drawing transfer to watercolor paper and the actual painting process will begin.


  • contract and deposit

Once we have figured out the project details and pricing, I will send you a invoice for the project's deposit. For most projects, I require a 50% deposit before the start of the project and to secure the project's date in my calendar.  Once I have the signed invoice with approval and deposit, your project will  go on my calendar to begin a great process. As the painting progresses, Patty will send follow-up updates by email to keep the client involved with the process. The remaining 50% is due once the project is completed before it is shipped out. 


  • These commission paintings are as important to her as they are to you, so she is diligent about her work with clients. To create and deliver artwork that will be loved for many years. For information on pricing, please contact Patty, and she will get back to you with a quote within 3 business days!



“Charge all things you fashion with a breath of your own spirit.”

Khalil Gibran