In the studio, my work always begins with research from inspiration found in photographs, drawings and notes that are gathered in a sketchbook journal. Using a photograph as a basis of the drawing for the original sketch, then the photograph is lost into the drawing, with the final drawing becoming a new art form, the original drawing for the painting. I spend a great percentage of time on the composition of a painting. I want to be sure every part works toward the direction of the central image or focus of the painting. The sketches are scanned into jpegs and enlarged to be transferred to 140lb watercolor paper by graphite transfer paper. Once the composition is good and the main character is brought forward in focus, the sketch becomes a drawing, the drawing is then outlined with a sepia fine point pen. The next step is to add pigment.

My brushes and watercolors are tools of how I express my thoughts, they are my visual symbols to my creative ideas. Painting for me is not only about the final artwork, it’s also about the emotions felt, the joy and balance the art may show in movement, to signify strength, refreshment and joy. The building of layer after layer of color all serve as an exploration and reminder of the fragile tranquility within beauty of life. The bridge between fantasy and reality. The emotion of what is seen to what is felt by the receiver.

The watercolor palette is determined by either warm or cool combination of color. The painting process is done in a series of glazes by working with the detail in the distance first and moving forward to the focus of the painting last. The multiple layers of glazes I use in each painting become, in effect, like a chapter in a book. Adding one chapter at a time to create a setting, the mood and appealing to the viewer’s senses.  In my paintings, there is always destination and the viewer is directed to search the layers of paint for his or own connection to the story within. To appeal to their own sense of being that relates to their life’s experience.

Painting for me is not only about the final artwork, it’s also about being in the moment and creating each stroke with intention and purpose. Every brushstroke, every warm or cool color is a reaction, a conversation from this pattern or shape to the next.  I begin painting with a general idea but the rest of the painting is improvised as the painting develops. That is why the product, the materials and process are all given serious consideration. I want the artwork to not only be beautiful, but also functional. You can see more about my process and inspirations on Facebook and LinkedIn.